10 ways Crowe CRM for Banking can help bankers reach their goals

Ryan Plourde
| 8/19/2020
10 ways Crowe CRM for Banking can help bankers reach their goals

Bankers know how important it is not only to acquire new customers but also to meet their needs and earn their loyalty. Because that can require a lot of effort, it’s important to work smarter rather than harder.

Crowe CRM for Banking, a relationship management solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics™ 365, was designed to help bankers reach their most important goals: Increasing productivity, maximizing sales, minimizing costs, and delivering exceptional customer service.

Crowe CRM for Banking can help banks:

1. Gain 360-degree views of customers

When customers feel like their bank knows and understands them, their confidence increases. Crowe CRM for Banking integrates marketing, sales, and service functions. Users gain access to complete customer profiles, histories, and service records and can share information across departments, product lines, channels, or intermediaries.

2. Improve productivity

By collecting and sharing more details about each customer and gaining access to information about interactions, meetings, upcoming deadlines, and current marketing offers, team members can improve service and provide more appropriate product recommendations at key points of the customer relationship.

3. Customize and automate workflows

Customizable workflows and alerts can help team members resolve inquiries quickly. Automated workflows can streamline processes – such as enrolling new customers or qualifying a commercial line of credit – and help customer-facing employees spend more time talking with prospective customers and strengthening relationships.

4. Generate useful business intelligence

Relationship managers can tap into data and use predictive analytics to:

  • Help recognize and expand customers’ lifetime value
  • Broadly evaluate accounts, loans, and churn rates
  • Record predictable lifetime events, such as kids nearing college age

Ultimately, this can help managers identify and recommend helpful products or services.

5. Manage activities

Crowe CRM for Banking enables users to capture call notes and schedule follow-up activities. Activity management functions can help users identify revenue opportunities, accelerate lead conversions, and prompt a more proactive approach to customer communication.

6. Improve marketing operations

Marketing is more effective when decision-makers can identify target demographics and develop appropriate marketing campaigns and customer communications. Dynamics 365 helps users prioritize leads, track referrals, monitor social insights, and record customer and employee interactions in one place.

7. Leverage networking opportunities

Referrals and social networking leads are extremely valuable in the prospecting process. LinkedIn and other social media integrations within Crowe CRM for Banking can help build network connections, drive new referral leads, and create leads and contacts without repeated data entry.

8. Optimize lead management

Users can automate lead management and the sales qualification process in one central location. In addition, users can convert incoming leads from email messages and follow guided prompts to streamline the qualification process.

9. Facilitate superior document management

Users can store documents against any record in Dynamics 365. This provides robust, secure document management capabilities across every department. In addition, accessibility to client documents in a central location helps simplify organization and increase collaboration.

10. Maintain a familiar look and feel

Because it is built for Dynamics 365, Crowe CRM for Banking has a familiar, intuitive interface that enables employees to deliver fast, effective service that helps build relationships. Crowe CRM for Banking works seamlessly with familiar software such as Microsoft Outlook™, Excel™, and Word, helping to increase user adoption and decrease the cost of learning.

A versatile CRM system

Crowe CRM for Banking empowers bank staff with the tools and information for more efficiently delivering high-quality, personalized service for interactions across all channels. By using the many features of Crowe CRM for Banking and Dynamics 365, banks can modernize lead generation, increase customer satisfaction, and expand customer relationships.

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