10 Reasons to Love the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Outlook App

Ryan Plourde
| 1/10/2018

The powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365™ (formerly Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM) solution keeps getting better. It now includes a new Outlook™ mobile app that tracks email, tasks, and appointments in one place. With the app, you can access content from Dynamics 365 software to use in an email. You can also attach email templates, sales brochures, and articles to email, messages, and appointments.

The Dynamics 365 Outlook app includes 10 great features – and more – designed to make your business life easier. This versatile app lets you:

1. Track email using Outlook Web Access (OWA).

Because the Outlook app works with cloud-based Dynamics 365 software, you can access and track your email in Outlook by using and linking any of your mobile devices. Use OWA to view both sent and received email in Dynamics 365 software via a web browser or mobile app.

2. Avoid additional software.

Because you can add the Dynamics 365 Outlook app to your account through the Office portal, you won’t need to download or install additional software on individual devices or on local machines. With the new Outlook app, occasional problems users might have experienced with the Dynamics CRM for Outlook client are a thing of the past.

3. Locate and match CRM records.

You can avoid duplication by matching email addresses of contacts, leads, and accounts. When you compose a new message, the app will show previous matches to the same email record. With just one click, you can attach new records to the appropriate customer record.

4. Create new records from email.

With the Outlook app, you can add new cases, project tasks, and opportunities as well as create new accounts and contacts directly from an email.

5. Attach knowledge articles to email.

Dynamics 365 software stores your knowledge documents, so you can share best practices and provide solutions to frequently asked questions and common issues. Placing individual articles directly into email can help you provide timely and accurate information to your customers.

6. Add sales literature to email.

You can store PDFs or files in other formats in the Dynamics 365 software and then attach them to new email messages.

7. Schedule follow-up activities.

As you receive email from customers, clients, and suppliers, you can quickly create new tasks and schedule appointments and phone calls for follow-up.

8. Confirm upcoming activities.

In addition to highlighting matched or traced CRM records, the Outlook app can show the account’s most recent transactions as well as any scheduled activities.

9. Use CRM templates in Outlook email.

You can quickly locate and insert a CRM email template, CRM global template, or entity-specific template into a new email and use Outlook functions to make revisions before you send.

10. Access recent records.

The app makes it easy to access another CRM record such as a case, lead, opportunity, or project – the “regarding” box highlights recently used records and frequently used items that you’ve pinned.

Our team would be glad to share more about how the Outlook app for Dynamics 365 software can benefit your business.

Get more information about Crowe CRM services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 software. Have a question or interested in evaluating the CRM functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 software? Contact us today.

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Ryan Plourde
Ryan Plourde
Office Managing Principal, Westborough, Microsoft CRM Services Leader