Where to Work is up to you at Crowe. Hear how our people are benefiting from our mobility policy.

Crowe Recruiting
| 11/28/2016
Where to Work blog

In January, Crowe became the first top 10 public accounting, consulting and technology firm to foster a flexible work location policy – called Where to Work – for all personnel. Built on trust, our Where to Work policy allows our people to work wherever it’s convenient and they’re most productive, with support from their performance managers. While our focus is and always has been to provide an exceptional experience for our clients, this policy gives our people the flexibility they need to do their best work. Here’s how our people are benefiting from the policy:

  • “The mobility policy is great for people with families or for people like me who have medical conditions and need to fit in regular doctor appointments. I’m able to get my work done – from home or wherever I choose – and have work/life balance without using all of my paid-time off days for appointments.” – Caitlin Knapp (Washington DC)
  • “The mobility strategy allows me and my teams to keep in sync and move engagements along regardless of where we’re located. Crowe provides the technology needed to work remotely with team members across several geographic areas and time zones, which is invaluable with colleagues around the country.” – Ethan Abar (Nashville)
  • “While I only work from home a few days a month, having the option available is incredibly valuable to me. I really appreciate working for a firm that truly trusts me and doesn’t demand that I be at my desk from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. My managers trust that I’ll put in the time and effort necessary to exceed our clients’ expectations – and that means taking an occasional day to work ‘heads-down’ from my kitchen table, creating deliverables without distractions.” – Brian Smith (Chicago) 
  • “The mobility strategy allows me the flexibility to handle what could be awkward life-scheduling situations such as car maintenance. I am able to work from the dealership and not have my day interrupted.” – Keaton Young (Sacramento)
  • “My commute is normally 45 min to an hour one way. The mobility strategy gives me almost two hours of extra time to get my work done and I now have better work/life balance, which is very important. It ensures that I will continue to enjoy my job and care about the quality of my work. Having the extra time to enjoy other activities, relax and de-stress carries over into my attitude and results in working more effectively and efficiently.” – Heather Brubaker (Columbus)

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