Crowe Volunteer Spotlight: Victoria Cook

Victoria helps provide leadership development for young girls through Girl Scouts. 

Crowe Recruiting
| 4/20/2021
Volunteer Spotlight Victoria Cook

Victoria Cook (Atlanta) began volunteering with her local chapter of the Girl Scouts in 2012 when her then grade-school-aged daughter joined. “My passion for volunteering thrived with the Girl Scouts.  As a parent, I participated in a variety of volunteer activities sponsored by our local troop such as feeding the homeless, packing meals, planting trees, entertaining residents of nursing homes and helping with cookie sales to name a few,” explained Victoria. “There are so many positive things that the organization does to help nurture and develop girls. Over the years, I’ve watched my daughter grow into a distinguished individual and I feel that I owe a lot of that to the Girl Scouts.” Last year, due to the pandemic, in-person volunteering was put on hold.  However, Victoria and her daughter have continued with the Girl Scouts by participating in monthly virtual troop meetings and promoting online cookie sales.  Her daughter has even taken a leadership role, serving as a speaker during many of the calls.  For her efforts, Victoria qualified as a super volunteer in 2020 and earned a $500 grant from the Crowe Foundation for the Girl Scouts.

Crowe encourages everyone to give back – whether it's volunteering through firm-sponsored activities, schools, religious organizations or other groups.