Crowe Volunteer Spotlight: Regina Lewis

Regina promotes financial literacy among families in her community.

Crowe Recruiting
| 5/14/2019
Volunteer Profile - Regina Lewis

Taking to heart the lessons she learned in a financial literacy class in 2016, Regina Lewis (Lexington) saved enough to purchase a home in less than one year. “The positive impact that course had, not only on my finances but also on my mindset, was so great that I decided to share it with others in the community,” she explained. Regina applied for and received a grant through the Blue Grass Community Foundation to teach the “Financial Peace” class to residents in and around the East End of Lexington. Regina also obtained certification as a financial coach so she could offer additional knowledge and tools beyond just the class. “I live in the East End – an underserved community that historically has not had much access to financial stewardship information. I wanted to be a catalyst to better the futures of residents by helping them reduce debt and build wealth,” explained Regina. Through the grant. Regina hosted three classes that helped 23 families. At the end of the classes, those participating had collectively retired more than $20,000 in debt, saved more than $5,000 in an emergency fund and cut up or closed more than 25 credit cards. “I have been able to help families literally change the trajectory of their lives by helping them learn how to plan and use their financial resources wisely,” said Regina. “It’s humbling to be able to cheer on these amazing people as they build their legacies.