Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Brian Carey

Brian donates his pandemic ponytail to help children with hair loss.

| 5/17/2021
Volunteer spotlight Brian Carey

In the summer of 2019, Brian Carey (Houston) decided to grow his hair longer. “My initial plan was to keep it that way for a while and then decide if I liked it,” explained Brian. In March 2020, when the pandemic stopped all in-person work, Brian was almost a year in to growing out his hair, so he decided to keep going while also helping a good cause. “When my older sister was diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2016 and I saw her get her first wig, I hoped I would be able to support an organization that helped people through such difficult times,” explained Brian. With support of his business unit leaders and his wife, Brian continued to grow his hair during the pandemic. Last month he finally got a haircut and donated a 9-inch ponytail to Children with Hair Loss. “I really loved having long hair, but I also love knowing that my hair will make someone else happy and that makes it all very well worth it.”   

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