Goodbye and best wishes to the nearly 300 students in our virtual summer internship program

Thanks to everyone who supported intern development and helped to secure our pipeline of young leaders

Crowe Recruiting
| 6/30/2020
Summer Interns goodbye 2020
After a month-long virtual internship program, it's time to say goodbye to our nearly 300 summer interns. In addition to participating in hands-on client work experience, here were some of the interns' summer highlights:

  • Crowe Expo: A virtual convention center, created by Brian Steinbauer allowed onboarding participants to learn about various areas of Crowe including innovation, diversity & inclusion, corporate social responsibility, exceptional client experience, talent and acquisition and our Business Resource Groups in a "Sims-like" environment.
  • Leader video series: Key firm leaders presented as part of a weekly webinar series. Presenters included CEO Jim Powers, CEO-elect Mark Baer, Chief Diversity Officer Chris Mitchell, Chief People Officer Julie Wood and Herschel Frierson, along with our business resource group leaders.
  • Crowe Good News: Talent Acquisition led this weekly call hosted by Sachith Siriwardane featuring different staff and senior staff members from various business units.
  • Missing Maps virtual volunteer activity: Interns volunteered with Missing Maps, mapping nearly 4,500 buildings in remote parts of Indonesia.
  • Scavenger Hunt Activity: Interns participated in this fun activity to create more connections between participants, apply what they learned week-to-week and to continually introduce them to firmwide resources.

    Due COVID-19, Crowe entered new territory with an all virtual internship program, but we responded to the challenge and quickly pulled together a virtual format. Our responses from interns tell us our efforts were a success. "With this virtual experience, I thought it would be hard to feel like part of the Crowe team, however, everyone has really made an effort to make us feel comfortable in our new roles," shared Joceylyn Villa, from Kennesaw State University. Heather Chalupnik-Heffernan, from University of Illinois, Champaign, added, "I was surprised by how much exposure we've gotten to higher management! My career coach and peer liaison have made a great effort to set up video calls for me with other staffers and managers that I may be on teams within the future. They're really dedicated to expanding my network and creating a sense of familiarity for me within my future office space. I really appreciate it!" Thank you to all of our interns' career coaches, peer liaisons, school relationship managers and our onboarding team for creating a successful virtual experience for our students.