Crowe Celebrates Veterans Day

This Veterans Day, Crowe thanks and remembers those who have served their country, like First Lieutenant Mark Shanklin.

Crowe Recruiting
| 11/9/2018
2018 Mark Shanklin

November 11 is Veterans Day, a U.S. holiday honoring veterans for their sacrifice and patriotism. When Mark Shanklin (Indianapolis) thinks of Veterans Day, he first thinks of his grandfather, who was a tail-gunner on a B-17 Bomber during WWII. “He flew more than 25 missions during the height of the war and on D-Day,” Mark shared. ”I have always been grateful and looked up to him for his service and sacrifice. Veterans Day not only reminds me of his service but of all past and present service members that have made sacrifices serving in the armed forces to protect our freedoms.” Mark followed in the footsteps of his grandfather, enlisting in the Army National Guard after he graduated high school in 2012, joined ROTC in college and commissioned into the Army’s Finance Corps in 2016, where he served as an Executive Officer in the 177th Financial Management Support Detachment. Today, Mark is a First Lieutenant in the Army National Guard serving as a Budget Officer in the 38th Infantry Division Headquarters Battalion, in addition to his Crowe role as a healthcare advisory consultant. He applies many of his military experiences to his work at Crowe. “Adaptability and flexibility are two skills that carry over. The military presents new and complex challenges every day similar to what I have experienced here at Crowe,” Mark added.


At Crowe, we are proud to have many military veterans and reservists like Mark. We support those who have ongoing reservist obligations or are deployed for active duty through our enhanced military leave policy, which provides up to four weeks paid time off to help support their military service. Mark has used Crowe's military leave policy to attend some extended military trainings. He said, "I certainly appreciate that Crowe offers this benefit, and this policy makes me feel like Crowe supports my military service."