A great place to work: Vault recognizes Crowe on its top 2018 internships lists

Crowe Recruiting
| 10/11/2017
Vault 2018
This week, Crowe’s been named one of Vault's 2018 Best Internship Programs. Crowe ranked 11th on the Best Accounting Internships list and ranked 45th on the overall 50 Best Internships list. Crowe made these lists based on survey responses from our former interns on a variety of topics including quality of life, compensation, benefits, our interview process, career development and full-time employment opportunities. Being named one of the Best Internship Programs provides further visibility and prestige for Crowe on Vault's website and allows us to share meaningful information about our work, culture, benefits and development programs with intern and job candidates. This year, Crowe has also been named to the 2018 Vault Accounting 50 and the 2018 Vault Consulting 50 lists.

In addition to the 15 full-time members of the Campus Talent Acquisition team, about 600 people across the firm contribute to recruiting activities, such as serving as intern career coaches, attending and making presentations at campus events, interviewing students and participating in office visit activities. Crowe also has 13 university partner-in-charges and 75 school relationship managers, who are directly involved in making a positive impact on our candidates, faculty contacts and university administration on top of their full-time positions at the firm. If you or someone you know is looking for an internship opportunity, all location openings can be found on our Careers page.