Crowe road warriors provide tips for surviving holiday travel

Crowe Recruiting
| 12/4/2017
Travel tips
While the holidays are filled with fun family traditions and festive events, they may also be filled with crowded airports, weather delays, lost luggage and other travel headaches. Crowe's road warriors spend more than 30 percent of their workdays traveling, so they have some experience about how to avoid travel pitfalls. Below are some tips from a few road warriors, which can help you avoid travel stress during the holidays or year round.
  • “Avoid layovers that are less than one hour between flights,” recommended Juan Novoa (Fort Lauderdale). “During the holiday season, many flights are fully booked and finding a new flight if you miss your connection can be very difficult.” 
  • “Plan each day’s outfits so you can pack light and, if possible, carry on your bag instead of checking it,” suggested Kari Miller (South Bend). “In addition to saving wait time on luggage pickup, it’s easier to switch your flight or travel plan if you have excessive delays or cancellations.” 
  • “Keep duplicates of personal items/ toiletries in your suitcase so you won't forget anything and it makes packing easier.” Rachael Jensen (Chicago)
  • “Whenever possible, avoid traveling on Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons as this is typically when the majority of business commuters are traveling for work,” shared Brad Birkholz (off-site). “Also, if you don’t already have it, get TSA pre-check to save time and reduce stress.” 
  • “Charge up – make sure your electronics are charged prior to starting your journey,” recommended Megan Beasley (off-site) . “When traveling, place any devices or chargers next to your keys or wallet/purse so you don’t forget them.”