The firm expands its recruiting pipeline through relationship with historically black college

Crowe Recruiting
| 2/15/2017
While February marks Black History Month, Crowe has been celebrating its new relationship with Florida A&M University (FAMU) since last summer. FAMU is the firm's first formal relationship with a historically black college and university and we've participated in nine recruiting activities with students and faculty over the past eight months. Activities have included career fairs, "chat and chew" networking events, professional leadership presentations and Crowe information sessions. Through our efforts on campus we've conducted 19 on-campus interviews with FAMU students, three of which were invited for Crowe office visits and three others who have been invited to our Learn2Lead summer leadership program.

The FAMU recruiting team is being led by Christopher Mitchell (Dallas), the university partner-in-charge. The team also includes Renee Arico (Oak Brook), Christelle Fleuris (Fort Lauderdale), a FAMU alum, Federico Esquivel (Miami), Herschel Frierson (Indianapolis), Brett Harris (Atlanta), Brian Jackson (Oak Brook), Alisha Slater (Tampa), Jim Stempak (Dallas), Ken Rios (Fort Lauderdale) and Karen Thompson (Oak Brook). The team will be back on campus in late February conducting classroom presentation and hosting a social event with the National Association of Black Accountants.