Stephen Varner takes a 12-month leave from Crowe to volunteer his accounting skills in East Africa

Crowe Recruiting
| 4/17/2018
Most people probably would ignore an email promoting volunteer opportunities in Tanzania, but not Stephen Varner (South Bend). When his father-in-law forwarded an email from African Inland Mission asking if he would be interested in working as an accountant for Safina Street Network in Tanzania in East Africa, he jumped at the chance. Stephan explained, "Safina Street Network's mission to provide basic services to street boys and vulnerable youth really resonated with me, not to mention it was a great fit with my accounting background." Stephen and his wife made the decision to move their family to Tanzania for the 12-month assignment. He worked with Sid Sherwood (Elkhart), the office managing partner of the Elkhart office, to approve his leave of absence from Crowe. "This experience gave us all a new perspective on the importance of relationships, priorities for our family and a renewed capacity for generosity," said Stephen. He was able to return to the same position in the Elkhart office and has since transferred to the South Bend office. Since his return, Stephen has remained involved with Safina and provides guidance to the Tanzanian accountant he trained while there. Stephen reflected, "Our conversations remind me to consider the pace of life here in the U.S. and to slow down for important moments. While the Tanzanians I worked with had very little, they were always willing to share – a great lesson for us all."

Stephen's efforts are just one example of the many ways our people make a difference and help others. To learn more about the volunteer efforts at Crowe, visit the Crowe Foundation page.