South Bend colleagues don’t just sit together, they get fit together

Crowe Recruiting
| 11/15/2017

Information Services team members Ben Freeman (South Bend), Becky Novak (South Bend) and Josh Kuntz (South Bend) share more than just workspace. They all share a commitment to getting healthier. In the past year, the three have collectively lost more than 200 pounds. While each has shed the pounds in different ways, they have motivated each other all along the way:

  • Ben’s transformation began when he took up running last year. “I started training for the Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon – the perfect event for a Star Wars and Disney fan like me,” shared Ben, who has lost 65 pounds. In 2013, Ben battled Hodgkin Lymphoma and knew he needed to get healthier to make sure he’d be around to see his children grow up. “After months of training, I finished the marathon in under three hours and I’ve stuck to my running regimen ever since.”
  • Becky feels like a new person after losing 80 pounds since last year. “I haven’t had an alcoholic beverage or cigarette since early 2016,” shared Becky. “I installed a weight loss app on my smart phone with a weight goal and began cooking at home and packing my lunch. I’ve also adjusted my work schedule – coming into the office early so I can leave early for a workout.” The proudest moment of Becky’s weight-loss journey so far was donating her old wardrobe to Goodwill and shopping for more youthful clothes and smaller sizes.
  • For Josh, gradual changes have been instrumental to him losing 80 pounds since last year. “I knew I needed to lose weight so I made a lot of small changes such as walking at lunch time almost every day, being more mindful about what I eat and drink and getting involved with coaching my son’s youth sports teams. I also really enjoy the team-based ‘big milestone’ activities in the well-being portal where we can keep each other motivated.”