Shirley Laudati earns "superhero" status for her volunteer efforts with Junior Achievement

Crowe Recruiting
| 3/16/2018
Since 2009, Shirley Laudati (Oak Brook) has volunteered with Junior Achievement (JA) of Chicago, helping young people develop skills they need to make smart academic and economic choices and plan for their futures. Shirley’s first experience with JA was teaching a class of first-graders. “I’ll never forget that day,” Shirley recalled. “I was terrified, but when I walked into the room, looked around at my first-grade audience and started sharing the lesson, all my fears disappeared. I left the class that day absolutely loving it!” Shirley found JA through her then career coach, Missy Boras (Oak Brook), who was the JA coordinator for Crowe’s Oak Brook office. “I was looking for a way to improve my presentation skills and Missy suggested teaching a JA class,” explained Shirley. Today, Shirley teaches two first-grade classes once a week for five weeks, plus twice a year she teaches five lessons in one day. She also helps to recruit and schedule volunteers and distribute materials to volunteers, works closely with the JA regional coordinator and coordinates thank you luncheons for Oak Brook office JA events. In February, Shirley received the JA of Chicago’s Superhero Award for her outstanding work. Shirley added, “It is so rewarding to know that I might have made a difference in the life of a student – something that may have helped them to stay in school, to graduate and go on to college and eventually pursue the kind of future they need and want.”

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