Nearly 900 participants from around the world gather at the Risk Consulting Summit

Crowe Recruiting
| 5/8/2017
Risk Careers blog
Last week, professionals from across the entire Risk Consulting business unit gathered in Atlanta for Crowe’s annual Risk Consulting Summit. Nearly 900 attendees from 11 countries, including Risk’s global offices in Canada, France and the UK and guests from Crowe International offices, took part in the week-long event. More than 180 education sessions were offered over the course of the week covering core business skills, technical training and industry topics. Guest speakers also included Crowe clients who shared their industry perspective. Below are some highlights:
  • Monday: Risk Consulting Managing Partner Steve Strammello (Indianapolis) welcomed everyone and explained how Risk Consulting supports the core purpose of what we do as a firm. He was joined by Crowe CEO Jim Powers (Indianapolis) discussed Risk Consulting’s role in Crowe’s sustainable strategy. Keynote speaker Suri Surinder, CEO and founder of CTR Factor, shared how we can be work to be more diverse and inclusive.
  • Tuesday: Keith Mestrich, president and CEO of Amalgamated Bank, spoke about the importance of having a purpose as an organization, as well as industry insights we can share with our clients. 
  • Wednesday: Dan Wantrobski, chief technical strategist of New Albion Partners, explained how the millennial generation will soon lead producers, consumers and investors, and how we need to change the way we operate as a result.
  • Thursday: Paul Sobel, chief audit executive of Georgia-Pacific Corporation, shared how enterprise risk management is shifting to be more tied to business and strategy and performance.
  • Friday: Mitch Melfi, executive vice president of corporate affairs and chief legal officer for Catholic Health Initiatives, discussed how the healthcare industry is shifting from volume to value. Catholic Health Initiatives is one of the largest healthcare organizations in the country, as well as one of Crowe’s largest clients. 
  • Innovation: The week also included an “Innovation Fest,” where Risk Consulting team members collaborated to discuss ideas and provide feedback on topics important to Crowe clients, the future and our own development. 

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