Risk Consulting professionals from France and the UK gather for the first Global Markets Summit

Crowe Recruiting
| 1/3/2018
Risk team outing 1
In December, professionals from Crowe’s Paris and London offices gathered in Barcelona, Spain for the first Global Market Summit. The two-day learning event included opportunities for the team members to get to know each other better, as well as focus on how they can work together better to build Crowe’s global presence and showcase our risk consulting capabilities to clients globally. Jonathan Burnett (Paris), leader of Risk Consulting’s global practice, kicked off the event and some highlights included:
  • A solution roundabout featured six Crowe solutions used by our clients today. 
  • An external consulting firm hosted a session on working styles to help team members understand how to work best with colleagues with different styles.
  • Jonathan, Jerome Soual (Paris) and Justin Baxter (London) facilitated a session on cross-market collaboration, which looked at how to better serve client and manage operations across the entire global practice.
  • Jonathan led a session focused on the importance of networks, as well as how to nurture and benefit from them.
  • Participants took a break from the session to experience Barcelona on a guided tour, followed by dinner. 

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