Learn what Rick Childs has gained from being a member of Crowe's People Resource Networks

Crowe Recruiting
| 8/31/2017
Rick Childs
Advisory Services Partner Rick Childs (Indianapolis) is a proud member of Crowe’s People Resource Networks (PRNs) – not one, but all of them. He didn’t join because he’s a member of the African American, Latino, Asian or LGBTQ communities. He joined because he wanted to show his support for his colleagues. “I had friends who were members or leaders of the PRNs, and I knew the PRN groups were important to them and I wanted to be supportive of them,” Rick recalled. Today, Rick is most active in GALA (Crowe’s gay and lesbian allies group). After being a GALA PRN member for a number of years, Rick’s son, Grant, came out as gay. “Our primary concern as parents was that our son would be discriminated against for who he was. It was helpful to me to have been a part of GALA. It was also helpful to be part of the diversity initiative to understand that business (and in particular Crowe) would actually drive much of what happens in our country because of the need for talent and to be a place where you can bring your whole self,” Rick shared. “Now I think my role within GALA is to bring that family member perspective to both our group and those outside the PRN as to what our mission is and why what we do matters. I feel as if I am a connector and can help to be a bridge to those who may be allies with those living as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. I also think Grant is proud that his dad is a part of GALA!”

Though Rick now has a personal connection because of his son, his original reason for joining Crowe’s PRNs still holds true. “I want my friends and colleagues to know I support them. All PRNs are open to anyone, and you would be surprised how even old guys like me learn new things from our meetings.” No matter your race or orientation, Crowe PRNs are open to everyone in the firm. Personnel are encouraged to show support, connect with colleagues and help make a difference by advancing diversity and inclusion inside and outside of Crowe. For more about diversity and inclusion at Crowe, visit our D&I page.