Learn how Raven Tahair benefitted from volunteers during her youth and is now paying it forward

Crowe Recruiting
The Boys & Girls Clubs of America has helped millions of kids develop essential skills, make lasting connections and have fun while putting them on the path to future success – and Raven Tahair (Burlington) is just one of them. Growing up, Raven spent a substantial amount of time at the Boys and Girls Club in Burlington. “It gave me a constructive place to go after school,” Raven shared. “The activities and events I attended would not have been available to me without the help of volunteers and philanthropists who donated their time and money to the organization.” Raven was the first student to receive a scholarship from the Boys & Girls Club in Burlington as part of the Early Promise program, which helps kids from lower-income families succeed academically by beginning targeted academic mentoring in kindergarten. Raven was also one of the first four students from the program to graduate college. Thanks to the scholarship, Raven attended Champlain College in Burlington and graduated in 2013. She’s now in a position to pay forward the opportunities she was given through the Boys & Girls Club, volunteering at many events to help promote the Early Promise program and the Boys and Girls Club. For more about Crowe’s volunteer efforts, visit our Crowe Foundation page.