People Services team members come together to discuss "Transforming the Future of [email protected]"

Crowe Recruiting
| 12/14/2017
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On December 5 and 6, nearly 100 professionals from across all of People Services gathered in Oak Brook. Representing the areas of Alumni Relations, Communications, Diversity and Inclusion, Human Resources, Learning and Talent Development and Talent Acquisition, they learned about how technological advancements and other market trends will be changing the way companies recruit, retain and grow talent in the future. They also brainstormed ways People Services can get in front of these trends, adapting and embracing changes now that will allow Crowe to be a leader in providing exceptional talent experiences. Here are some highlights from the event:
  • Suri Surinder from CTR Factor presented a session on “Diversity in Disguise – The Unusual Case of Covering,” which included how individuals may “cover” or tone down an aspect of their identity that they think maybe not be perceived favorable in society. 
  • Chief People Officer Julie Wood (Oak Brook) and Chief Operating Officer Joe Santucci (Indianapolis) discussed the important role People Services team members play as internal consultants to the firm and how they can best provide exceptional experiences to their internal firm clients. 
  • Jeff Holmquist (Oak Brook), Crowe’s new Business Transformation leader, spoke to the team about looking for opportunities to transform processes across People Services in order to bring more efficiency and value to team members and the firm as a whole.
  • Ravin Jesuthan from Willis Towers Watson presented a session on “The Future of Work and Human Capital in the Marketplace,” which looked at how technology is changing the demand for talent and the type of work that’s been done by humans vs. machines.
  • Supporting the firm’s 75th anniversary community service challenge, People Services took a break to participate in a “Build a Bike” charity event. They assembled 16 bikes, which were donated to a Boys and Girls Club in the Chicagoland area.