Meet Rebecca Poynter, People Services administrative manager and experienced hire onboarding coordinator

Crowe Recruiting
| 12/1/2016
Rebecca Poynter picture
Rebecca Poynter (Louisville) joined Crowe in 1998 as part of the firm’s merger with Eskew & Gresham. Today, Rebecca is a People Client and Support administrative manager, but she also supports Learning and Talent Development by serving as the firm’s experienced hire onboarding coordinator. Rebecca is also one of three Poynters at Crowe.

Q. What would people be surprised to learn about you?
A. My son, Jimmy Poynter, is a laptop/desktop tech administrator at Crowe. He began working as a "runner" in the Louisville office as a high school and college student. When he graduated from college, he was offered a full-time position as part of the IS team. My daughter, Jennifer Poynter, also works at Crowe providing tax processing support. Jennifer worked for Crowe while attending college, left after graduation to pursue another career and was hired back when the tax processing position was available. My other son, Doug, isn't with Crowe, but I am extremely proud of him. He is an EMT and a fireman who risks his life every day to save people lives.

Q. How did you become involved in the experienced hire onboarding program?

A. I was interested in getting more involved in the firm, so I worked with my performance manager, Jennifer Kessler. She helped me align my qualifications with the opportunity to assist with Learning and Talent Development's onboarding program. In that role, I help to ensure our new hires have an excellent onboarding experience by coordinating all the logistics. This includes sending welcome emails, scheduling travel arrangements, sending invitations for our live presentations and answering any questions they might have before joining the firm. I'm also a liaison for the local office onboarding coordinators and provide training and updates on the program's procedures.

Q. What's most rewarding about your experienced hire onboarding role?

A. I care about every person who comes to Crowe, and in this position I have the ability to help our new hires acclimate themselves to our culture and be a go-to person for questions. I let them know that I am here to help them succeed. When you are new, a friendly face goes a long way.

Q. What is your personal motto?

A. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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