Crowe hosts events that inspire students to see themselves as future auditors.

Crowe Recruiting
| 2/3/2020

This past winter, Crowe hosted nearly 100 high school students in four offices as part of the Center for Audit Quality's (CAQ) Passport2Audit (P2A) program. P2A targets students from communities historically underrepresented in the auditing profession, with the goal of showing them their career potential. As one of the firms represented on the CAQ governing board, Crowe participated in the piloting of the P2A program in 2018. This year, our Dallas, Miami, New York and Washington D.C. offices participated. Crowe individuals coordinated Q&A panel discussions, team-building activities and office tours for the students to help give them a glimpse into the life of an auditor.


At the New York office, Allison Minnis presented the “What is an auditor?” and “Strengths & skills that great auditors possess” panel discussions. “This event helped bring to light that auditors aren’t just number crunchers and one of the most important skills you can possess is communication skills,” shared Allison. “Students were also surprised to hear how much we collaborate. This program allowed students to ask questions in an open forum and hopefully convinced them to become an auditor one day.”

At the Miami office, Daniel Rothwell participated in a mock inventory count and on the “Pathways to possibilities” panel discussion. “The high school that participated in the Miami office happened to be my alma mater. The school has various academies, such as medical, business, visual and performing arts, and more,” said Daniel. “The P2A event provided the students (all who are in the business academy) a great opportunity to see that the auditing profession can lead to a successful and rewarding career.”