Meet Vivi Langga, Risk Consulting staff member and GALA People Resource Network member

Crowe Recruiting
| 6/19/2017
Vivi Langga (San Francisco) joined Crowe as a campus hire from San Jose State University in 2016. As a technology staff consultant, Vivi focuses on cybersecurity, conducting internal and external penetration assessments to assess clients’ network for weaknesses to improve their network infrastructure. Vivi, who is transgender, is also a member of Crowe’s Women [email protected] and the Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GALA) People Resource Networks. In addition to the GALA PRN, Crowe has African American, Asian and Latino PRN groups, which are open to everyone in the firm. The overall goals of our PRNs are to develop and implement retention-building activities and promote diversity and inclusion awareness throughout the firm. Our [email protected] programming provides career and leadership development support for all women at the firm.

Q: How important is it to you to feel that you can bring your whole self to work?
A: For me, bringing my whole self to work was the most important requirement for where I chose to work after I graduated. I knew my first job would define the rest of my career. Crowe has allowed me to be myself at work without having to worry about what people will think of me. As a transgender woman, I try to be as open as possible. I want to give transgender people a presence and a voice in the firm, and to be a source of information and support should anyone want to talk to me about it. Being openly transgender has given my co-workers a new perspective on the LGBTQ community, which helps everyone have a greater understanding of each other.

Q: How does being a diverse and inclusive firm help us serve our clients?
A: As a professional services firm, we work with clients from different backgrounds. Whether the client is a huge bank, a new startup or a local organization, it is important that we are able to demonstrate flexibility. Being diverse allows Crowe to leverage specific individuals’ backgrounds and skillsets to think outside the box, giving added value to our clients while staying one step ahead of our competitors.

Q: While in college, you founded the Information Security Club. How did that play a role in your career choice and success?
A: Since I have always been an avid gamer, I’ve had an interest in technology and computers. When I discovered that computer hacking is very similar to Capture the Flag-style games, I decided to pursue a career in cybersecurity and information technology. While in college, I founded the Information Security Club to give students a resource to learn more about the field. Through the club, I have met many industry professionals, discovered a whole network of students I can share ideas with and gained the experience I needed to actually land a job I love.

Q: What would people be surprised to learn about you?
A: I would love to go back to college before I turn 30 and play for a college volleyball team. I spend a lot of my free time training for that opportunity.

For more about our inclusion efforts at Crowe, visit our Diversity and Inclusion page.