Meet Susie Choy: Audit partner and executive champion of the Asian People Resource Network

Crowe Recruiting
| 1/26/2017
Susie Choy
Susie Choy (San Francisco) joined Crowe in 2011 when the firm completed a transaction with Perry-Smith LLP. Today she’s an Audit partner responsible for serving clients primarily within the financial services industry. She also leads Audit recruiting efforts for the San Francisco office and is the executive champion of the Asian People Resource Network (PRN). Our PRN teams provide a forum for networking and support in order to promote inclusion and mutualism within the firm. Crowe sponsors four People Resource Networks teams including African American, Asian, Gay and Lesbian Allies and Latino.

Q: How has the Asian PRN supported the firm's strategic goals?
A: It provides a platform for the firm to achieve certain diversity initiatives. Our recruiting efforts at the annual Ascend conference has led to our hiring of many diverse individuals. Some of the PRN's networking opportunities have resulted in new sales leads. The most rewarding part of my PRN involvement is the opportunities the Asian PRN has created for me to mentor and connect with Crowe colleagues across the country.

Q. Why is diversity and inclusion important to Crowe?
A. Studies have shown that there is a significant relationship between having diverse leadership teams and better financial performance for companies. Crowe's focus on diversity helps us recruit top talent, strengthen customer relationships, increase employee satisfaction and improve decision-making.

Q: What would people be surprised to learn about you?

A: I used to be a Tax partner with one of the Big Four then decided to change my career path. I left public accounting for a vice president of finance role within a small publicly traded manufacturing company. However, I missed being on the revenue side and found my way back to public accounting, but this time as an Audit partner.

Q: How do you spend your time outside of Crowe?

A: I enjoy spending time with my kids doing anything that makes them happy. They grow up so fast. Somehow I blinked and now my daughter is wrapping up her freshman year at college and my son is driving.

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