Bringing our brand to life: Stephanie Ballard makes smart decisions that create lasting value.

Crowe Recruiting
| 7/7/2017
Stephanie Ballard

An Audit senior manager, Stephanie Ballard (Off-site) serves two of the firm’s largest bank external audit clients, among others. She oversees the execution of the overall engagement projects for these clients, while also working with younger team members to develop their skills and gain new experiences on these projects. Stephanie has been recognized for her above-and-beyond service, being named an exceptional client experience ambassador.

Q: How do you make smart decisions?
A: I work smarter, not harder. This means I try to work as efficiently as possible by delegating work that makes sense for younger engagement team members. By doing this, they learn more by stretching themselves and I can concentrate more on supervising and reviewing. This allows me to focus on the most important areas of the engagement, stay up to date in my review and work on client service.

Q: How do those decisions create lasting value?
A: By being more efficient and focused on client service, I’m able to better identify ways my clients can be more efficient. Both of my primary clients are Sarbanes-Oxley 404 opinions, meaning that they have to perform internal control testing over all financially significant areas. For one of my clients, we worked with the bank’s internal audit department annually to review its listing of internal controls, help remove anything that should no longer be deemed as key and help layer in any new, more efficient or more important key controls. For another client, we worked through this same process in reviewing the full listing of controls its previous auditor had used. We helped to streamline the list so the client only performs testing on those controls that truly would mitigate a material misstatement and remove any controls that would not.

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