Meet Regina Lewis

Regina expands her cultural awareness by joining all of Crowe's People Resource Networks.

Crowe Recruiting
| 10/10/2018
Crowe's Regina Lewis

Regina Lewis (Lexington) has been a member of Crowe’s African American People Resource Network (PRN) since April 2017 when she joined Crowe through our combination with SDGBlue. This summer, she increased her PRN involvement by joining Crowe’s other PRNs -- Latino, Asian and Gay and Lesbian Alliance -- as an ally. Crowe’s PRNs provide a forum for networking and support in order to promote inclusion and mutualism within the firm and all are open to everyone. “I love the different experiences that come from engaging various cultures and groups, and I joined the different PRNs to be a catalyst for diversity and inclusion at Crowe,” she explained. “I am aware that my perspective is one of a heterosexual, African-American female and that my experience is not the same that everyone else has had. Joining different PRNs gives me a new perspective that may challenge a long-held worldview that would only be affirmed if I were to stay in my social silos.” In addition to joining all of the PRNs and participating in meetings, Regina is a mentee in Crowe’s developing firmwide PRN mentoring program. She also looks forward to opportunities to attend the various diversity conferences where Crowe participates, including the National Association of Black Accountants, Ascend, Association of Latino Professionals For America and Out & Equal conferences.