Meet Raymond Lau, Risk Consulting senior staff member and colleague from our Toronto office

Crowe Recruiting
| 10/10/2016
Raymond Lau
Raymond Lau (Toronto) joined Crowe in 2014 and today is a senior staff member in Risk Consulting, providing risk technology consulting to manufacturing and distribution and financial institution clients. He’s based in our Toronto office, but he’s spent the last year off and on working in our San Francisco office -- supporting one of the firm’s larger engagements in the Northern California market while also promoting One Crowe.

Q. As you collaborate with colleagues across borders, what does One Crowe mean to you?
A. We are all united as one and together we use our knowledge and experience to help our clients to make smarter decisions. I promote the Crowe brand by telling my clients that Crowe always send you the best resources it has for engagements. Whether that person comes from one of the US offices, the UK, Paris office or the Toronto office, we are here to not only to get the work done but also do it well and provide lasting value.

Q. Beyond providing exceptional client service, what are some of the other ways you promote Crowe’s brand awareness in Canada?
A. We’re building the Crowe brand in Canada via recruiting events, sponsoring events, as well as presentations for the Internal Institute of Auditors and ISACA (an international professional association focused on IT governance). I also lead our co-op recruiting effort at University of Waterloo and the Ryerson University. We grouped the students into teams and gave them a case study that we came up on our own – based on historical events, the risks we see in the business/compliance & regulatory/technology industries, as well as what we have experienced in our previous working experience. The feedback from the students and the judges was very positive and many students want to get into the Crowe’s Risk Consulting world!

Q. What are some of the opportunities that you and your colleagues in Canada find most exciting about being part of Crowe as a global firm?
A. Being part of Crowe as a global firm means that we have access to more resources in terms of people and knowledge. For example, if we need advice on certain subjects, we can now reach out to a bigger pool of talented subject matter experts for discussion. In addition, being part of a global firm also enables me to work on engagements involving global clients.

Q. Is there a book that has changed your perspective on life?

A. Elon Musk’s “Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future.” The moral of Musk’s story is that failure is inevitable – the ability to live with it and finding motivation to get back up is the key to success. It inspired me that whatever I do in life, never give up!

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