Crowe-file: Meet Muriel De Kerizouet, Risk Consulting manager and colleague in our Paris office

Crowe Recruiting
| 10/19/2016

Muriel De Kerizouet (Paris) joined Crowe as an experienced hire in 2013. As a manager, she helps her clients with risk management and business continuity solutions. 

Q. What are some of the innovative ways you're helping to build Crowe's brand in France?
A. I developed the design, implementation and ongoing maintenance of Mastering, our digital platform for interacting with clients in the French market place. This differentiates the way we distribute our thought leadership and demonstrate that we understand market best practices. I also developed and launched a new concept called The Risk Lab, which is a forum that includes a focused group of experts from the Top 40 companies in France and helps them think through significant trends outside their area of responsibility. Jérôme Soual (Paris) and Jonathan Burnett (Paris) were of great support in launching both of these.

Q. As you collaborate with colleagues across borders, what does One Crowe mean to you?
A. Being one firm brings us more agility to address opportunities and also the ability to find easily specific expertise. For one of our key clients, we needed specific fraud expertise and the U.S. team members were of great support. They went to Paris, attended key meetings and contributed to the production of the final deliverable. For another key client, Michael Lucas from our London office assisted us on the IT side of the assignment. He led key interviews and worked with one of our senior consultants on the final deliverable.

Q. What was your first paying job?
A. I was a junior internal auditor in an international oil and gas exploration and production company, operating mainly in Africa (Nigeria and Gabon) and in the Middle East. I learned how to interact with people from a very different culture who were evolving in a very complex and tense environment. I realized that behind the figures and the Excel spreadsheets, there were very complex human and cultural issues.

Q. If you could invent or create something to make your job easier, what would it be?
A. A flying carpet. On the same day, I often have to go to many different places. I have to work on site with my different clients, to make various briefings to the team in the office, to attend social events, to develop new projects with partners, etc. A flying carpet could be very useful to avoid wasting time in public transport. 

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