Meet Liz Felmey, strategic market manager and exceptional client experience ambassador

Crowe Recruiting
| 8/1/2016
Liz Fehlmey
Liz Felmey (Off-site) joined Crowe as a manager in 2008. Today, she's an assistant director in Market Development and Sales (MDS) and the strategic market manager for the Financial Services industry vertical and Performance – Financial Services group. Additionally, she helps to drive ECx efforts in MDS as an exceptional client experience (ECx) ambassador.

Q: What does exceptional client experience mean to you?
A: It means being aware that everything I do ultimately affects my relationship with my clients. I work to understand where my clients are coming from and try to always be proactive, consultative, reachable and responsive to their needs.

Q: How do you deliver an ECx?
A: I always respond to email and voice mail as soon as possible, I come prepared for meetings and I ensure the deliverables we send to our clients are high quality and accurate. I also stay on top of the marketing industry as well as the industries in which my clients work.

Q: What is the biggest risk you've ever taken?
A: Moving to Washington, D.C. I grew up in a small town in Maryland and my goal had always been to move to D.C. After college I found a great job and made the move.

Q: What do you enjoy spending time doing outside of Crowe?
A: I enjoy spending time with my family – my husband Jon and our three sons Connor (8), Camden (6) and Cole (3). I'm a big Baltimore Ravens and Orioles fan so we try and attend as many games as we can. We also enjoy going to football and basketball games at my alma mater the University of Maryland.

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