Meet Jill Hogan, People Services manager and Women Leading @ Crowe Connect committee chair

Crowe Recruiting
| 3/17/2017
Jill Hogan profile
Jill Hogan (off-site) joined Crowe in 2010 as a temp in our Knoxville office, joining full-time as a senior staff member a few months later. Today, she's the people operations manager for the Performance Consulting and Applied Technology business units. In addition to her time in Knoxville, Jill worked in our Oak Brook office before moving to Springfield, Mo., where she works remotely now. She’s also the Women Leading @ Crowe ([email protected]) Connect program committee chair. As part of Crowe's commitment to creating a progressive and inclusive work environment, our ([email protected] programming is designed to support women across the firm and help develop our own trailblazers. [email protected] addresses the changing needs of women with three tiers of programming – Inspire, Grow and Connect.

Q: How has Crowe’s women’s programming helped you in your career?
A: Throughout my career at Crowe, [email protected] has given me additional resources and contacts I can reach out to if I have questions or seeking advice or guidance. It is also a great way to find a mentor. We have so many phenomenal women at all levels at Crowe, [email protected] provides a great avenue to connect with them and learn from their advice and experiences.

Q: You’ve moved around while at Crowe – both in terms of cities and roles. How have those opportunities kept you engaged?
A: We’ve moved three times in about seven years to accommodate by husband’s job transfers. However, due to Crowe’s flexibility, I’ve been able to continue working here despite those moves – even if the move was to a city where we didn’t have an office. It has been a great stress reliever during what can be a very stressful time. Moving has also provided me with many career opportunities. Not only did Crowe support me each time I moved, but also I was given the opportunity to try new roles within the firm. When I first started working with the Oak Brook and Chicago offices, I decided to reach out to Jeanne Garrett (Grand Rapids) and Laura Whiting (Oak Brook) and ask for stretch assignments. I like a little variety in my day so by raising my hand and asking for opportunities I was able to meet new people and try new things that in turn opened doors for me to wear many different hats.

Q: Do you have any tips for balancing your work and life?
A: We are all pulled in so many different directions and I’ve had to learn to acknowledge that sometimes I need to ask for help from others and sometimes I just have to decline or reschedule requests. Because of Crowe’s mobility policy I’m able to step away for an hour or two to volunteer or go to appointments and make up the time later, which also helps to keep life more balanced.

Q: What would people be surprised to learn about you?
A: I started managing and running a Kampgrounds of America (KOA) when I was just 14. I was paying bills, getting deposits ready, ordering supplies, cleaning, checking in campers, handling issues, etc. My parents were only a phone call and a couple miles away if I couldn’t handle something and they would come help me out. They definitely had oversight and would relieve me in the evenings. It’s hard to believe that a 14-year-old could have that responsibility, but when you are born into the business and literally grow up in it, it is kind of natural. My parents were entrepreneurs and started/owned several businesses while I was growing up. So while they were starting a new business, I was running the KOA.

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