Meet Jason Shirrell, Applied Technology consultant and co-developer of the Private Foundation Suite for C-TRAC

Crowe Recruiting
| 7/15/2016
Jason Shirrell - Picture
Jason Shirrell (Indianapolis) joined Crowe in 2011 as a senior staff member in Performance Consulting. Today he's a technical consultant in Applied Technology, working as a portfolio/project manager for the Tax group. He's also a custom software developer, responsible for helping develop the Private Foundation Suite for Crowe Tax Risk Assessment & Control (C-TRAC).

Q. What is the Private Foundation Suite for C-TRAC and how was it developed?
A. Private Foundation Suite is a feature of C-TRAC, which includes additional tax forms and processes allowing our private foundation clients to e-file these forms with the IRS. The interesting thing is that Neal Schneider (Indianapolis) and I worked with a client in 2014-15 to develop this as a custom software solution just for its company. That client then allowed us to use it as part of Crowe's Private Foundation Suite. It has been pretty cool to see that our clients have ideas that we can help them develop and also implement into our internal products.

Q: What does the firm's focus on innovation mean to you?

A: It shows our commitment to making changes for the better and that there is always room for improvement, which is one of my personal values. This is one of the things that makes Crowe a great place to work. The firm encourages and supports its people to go ahead and try to do things differently and not be afraid to fail.

Q: What is your personal philosophy?
A: Keep A-Goin'! It's a poem about never giving up by Frank L. Stanton that my father used to read to my brother and me when we were young.

Q: How do you spend your time outside of Crowe?
A: I have three daughters under the age of five, so I spend most of my time running around with them. We have dance parties, go exploring in the park behind our house, play tag and more.

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