Meet Elizabeth Hernandez, Audit manager and Latino PRN member

Crowe Recruiting
| 9/19/2016
Elizabeth Hernandez

Elizabeth Hernandez (Oak Brook) joined Crowe in 2007 as a campus hire from DePaul University. Today, she’s an Audit manager and is responsible for managing more than 30 client benefits plans a year. For about the past five years, Elizabeth has also been an active member of the Latino People Resource Network (PRN), helping to administer the team site and contact lists. Open to everyone at the firm – Crowe has four PRNs including Latino, African American, Asian and LGBT. Our PRNs help educate our people about diversity and provide professional and personal support to members.

Q: Why did you join the Latino PRN?

A. I joined the Latino PRN to meet people with similar backgrounds, but it’s also given me the opportunity to be an informal mentor for some of the local Latino PRN members.

Q. How has your involvement in the Latino PRN supported your development?
A: Through the Latino PRN, I’ve been encouraged to get involved with the Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA). Attending ALPFA events and sessions have helped me improve my soft skills, including public speaking. I’ve attended the ALPFA national conference three times, and my favorite part of those has been the panel discussions because they include people in leadership roles such as CEOs. Their experiences and advice helps me gain perspective on what it takes to be a leader.

Q. What’s the most value advice you’ve been given in your career?

A. Always focus and work on your weaknesses to turn them into your strengths.

Q. It’s Hispanic Heritage Month. In honor of that, what are you most proud of in your culture?
A. I love our music, language and our food! Our family has recipes that are specific to our region in Western Mexico, which uses different types of chili peppers and is full of flavor.

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