Meet David Feinberg!

David "boomerangs" back to Crowe after four years away

Crowe Recruiting
| 6/25/2019
David Feinberg

David Feinberg (Indianapolis) joined Crowe in 1998 as a campus hire from Indiana University (IU), beginning as a staff auditor serving commercial services clients. Over the next 16 years, he served many roles, including resource manager for Crowe’s audit and tax services, financial manager for the audit and advisory services and the school relationship manager to Indiana University. In 2014, David left Crowe to become chief financial officer (CFO) at an Indianapolis-based accounting and advisory firm, but he returned to Crowe earlier this year. In his latest role at Crowe, David is an associate director working on initiatives to provide financial strategy and leadership.


Q: What enticed you to leave Crowe and what brought you back?

A: The CFO role seemed custom-made for a person with my background and I was excited about not only widening my perspective and experience but also creating something new -- the firm had never had a CFO before. Still, Crowe was very present in my social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn), and I continued to follow all of the amazing things Crowe was accomplishing. I was enjoying my job, but I felt like something was missing and knew I could find it at Crowe. I wanted to be working in a place that was helping to move the profession forward more and was more actively involved in impacting its community.


Q: What did you learn from your CFO experiences that has been helpful in your new role at Crowe?

A: Patience and persistence. It’s easy to be overwhelmed at the size of a new project or job assignment, but when the massive goal is broken into smaller parts, it is amazing how much progress can be made over time. Looking back at my four years working as a CFO, I’ve been able to really understand that purposeful incremental change can have a big impact.


Q: What has changed about the firm since the first time you were here?

A: Though I was only gone four years, the firm feels so much larger now because of the many combinations we’ve made with other firms. Both the size and the scope of what Crowe does has also grown significantly, and initiatives like What to Wear and Where to Work show the firm’s trust in and commitment to the people who work at Crowe.


Q: What do you enjoy doing outside of Crowe?

A: I serve as the president of the board of Keep Indianapolis Beautiful and the vice chair of the board for Second Helpings. When I’m not spending time volunteering, you’d probably find me gardening or taking a walk through our neighborhood with my wife Maureen and our dog Sally.