Meet Steve Chanyi, Advisory Services director and mobile worker

Crowe Recruiting
| 8/11/2017
Steve Chanyi (off-site) joined Crowe in 2005 as senior staff member and today is a director in Advisory Services. He oversees relationships with East Coast private equity clients but his current focus is on identifying and building relationships with private equity and investment banking firms in the Pacific Northwest. He’s been focusing on this for the past year while working off-site in Portland, Ore., thanks to our Where to Work mobility policy. With Crowe’s Where to Work policy, our people have the option to work wherever is convenient and they can be most productive – whether that’s in an office, at home, at a client site or in another location. He and his wife landed in Portland after an eight-month journey across the U.S. in search of a place to call home.

Q: How did you land in Portland?
A: Following the introduction of Crowe’s mobility policy, my wife and I purchased a 1983 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia we named Beatrix. We moved out of our Manhattan apartment and drove around the country while living out of Beatrix with our dog and cat. My wife would drive during the day while I was online working, and the most challenging aspect was strategically planning driving times to ensure I would have connectivity to work. Ultimately, I was attracted to Portland because of the wilderness, mountains, water sports and the general demeanor of the people, but I now have a much better appreciation and understanding of small-town America as well as what it means to be from certain areas of the U.S.

Q: You’re obviously not afraid to move around. How has that provided opportunities for you in your career?
A. I started at Crowe in 2005 in the Oak Brook office, moved to Chicago in 2006 and then moved to New York City in 2008. As part of my move to the Pacific Northwest, I am attempting to make relationships and engrain Crowe here despite not currently having a brick-and-mortar office. I often receive feedback from people who I meet in Portland that they didn’t realize how sizeable Crowe is because they simply haven’t come across us before. I really feel there is a great opportunity here of an untapped market. By being the only Crowe representative in Portland, it has essentially allowed me to be more actively involved in the community and with business development even compared to New York City because we had a great deal of other Crowe representatives there. Working remotely has also been extremely successful for me, because I can be more flexible with my schedule, allocate my work hours differently and be more focused than when I was in the office situation.

Q: What was your first paying job?
A: Being raised by my grandparents on a tobacco farm in Ontario, Canada, I was a boat driver as part of the harvest crew.

Q: Who would play you in the movie based on your life and why?
A: Billy Zane – who wouldn’t want Billy Zane to play them in a movie? Or Jason Statham – he does bald right.