Meet Crowe's Angie Lewis

Angie draws on her personal experience to help the Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio.

Crowe Recruiting
| 1/28/2021
Angie Lewis

For Angie Lewis (Columbus), volunteering with the Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio (DSACO) is deeply personal. “Seven years ago, our daughter was born with Down syndrome, a genetic condition that occurs when a person has an extra copy of the 21st chromosome and causes developmental delays,” explained Angie. “I immediately got involved with DSACO to support other families who had received the same diagnosis and to spread the message of inclusion. A diverse world includes people with different abilities and my hope is that a person with Down syndrome will be viewed as one who can change the world for the better and is worthy of acceptance and inclusion.” Since then, Angie has served in many positions including as board chair for the last three years. For her efforts, Angie qualified as a Super Volunteer in 2020 for volunteering 100 or more hours last calendar year and earned a $500 grant for DSACO. “I appreciate Crowe’s investment in not-for-profits that mean so much to our employees, especially at a time when it is difficult for these organizations to thrive financially,” Angie shared. “Like many not-for-profits, the pandemic has had a huge impact on DSACO as we’ve had to halt in-person fundraising events. At the same time, the demand and need for programming has continued to rise, as in-home schooling has created tremendous gaps in education for children with Down syndrome.”


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