Meet Adam Kurtz, Audit senior staff member, former file room coordinator and current auditor

Crowe Recruiting
| 4/6/2018
Adam Kurtz (Indianapolis) joined Crowe in 2010 as a senior associate, working in an internal administrative role handling files, supplies and workspace maintenance. Adam’s career path at Crowe has taken him from that internal role to an external one, as he joined Audit full time as a staff member in April 2013. Today, he’s an Audit senior staff member and serves in a project management role, helping his teams stay on budget and on schedule.

Q. Describe your career path and how you became an auditor.
A. It began after meeting with Audit Partner Mark Hull (Indianapolis) and discussing my degree and career interests going forward. I had double-majored in accounting and business management at Trine University, but I didn’t graduate with my required electives. After talking to Mark, I began finishing my elective classes at Ivy Tech. When I finished my 150 credit hours, Mark gave me an internship in Audit during the 2013 busy season. The biggest risk I have ever taken was quitting my full-time job with benefits at Crowe to take that internship with no guarantee of future employment, but it was a risk that paid off by bringing me to my current position.

Q. What was the biggest challenge moving to your new role?
A. In my role as file room coordinator, I was more on my own as far as completing my daily tasks, like making sure files were checked in, delivered and organized in the file room. As an Audit team member, I’m in a conference room with a team and usually at different client sites every week. We work, eat and carpool with the same individuals.

Q. What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

A. The best advice I’ve gotten is to never say no, because you might not ever get asked again.

Q. What do you enjoy doing outside of Crowe?

A. I enjoy attending sporting events. My favorite teams are the Chicago Cubs and Notre Dame football. I also like to fish for bluegill during the winter ice fishing season, which I learned from my grandpa back home in northeast Indiana.

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