Meet Craig Yoder, Audit partner and Sacramento office managing partner

Crowe Recruiting
| 9/4/2017
Craig Yoder
Craig Yoder (Sacramento) joined Crowe in 1984 as an Audit staff member in South Bend. Today, he’s an Audit partner and office managing partner (OMP) in Sacramento, overseeing our presence in the market and working with business unit and industry leaders represented in the office. Besides Sacramento and South Bend, Craig also has called the Columbus and Oak Brook offices home during his 30-plus years at Crowe.

Q: How has relocating to different offices contributed to your growth at Crowe?
A: For me, relocating led to leadership opportunities. Each time I moved, I took on more responsibility that challenged me to expand the way I think about our business and how I can affect the way we accomplish our goals. I learned more about other business units and developed more and deeper relationships with people around the firm. Before my latest move to Sacramento, I had focused entirely on the financial services. While that remains my Deep Specialization, I now lead the Sacramento Audit practice, where we also specialize in government, not-for-profit, manufacturing and distribution and other industries/disciplines. As OMP, I’ve also become more active in the local business community beyond just the banking industry.

Q: How do you promote collaboration, camaraderie and One Crowe in your role as Sacramento OMP?
A: It’s important that team members know that I want to hear what they have to say and what’s going on in their lives. For this reason, I maintain an open-door policy so people can come and have a conversation anytime they have a question, complaint or just want to talk. This type of atmosphere is a big part of why I came to Crowe in 1984 and why I’m still here. It’s part of my role to continue to foster that environment in Sacramento -- one where people feel empowered to speak up when they see barriers to doing their jobs, opportunities to have more fun as a team and the feeling that their opinions and views really matter. That is also fuel for my passion about our focus on diversity and inclusion as a firm and as an office. We need to embrace different views, cultures and approaches if we are to continue thriving in our ever-changing world.

Q: What would people be surprised to learn about you?
A: Most of my extended family on my father’s side is Amish. My dad grew up Amish but was a bit of a rebel and wanted to be a truck driver, so he didn’t stay in the Amish church as an adult.

Q: Where in the world would you most like to travel to and why?
A: My wife and I have a goal of visiting all of the U.S. national parks together – we’ve been to 39 out of 59 so far. Two we have yet to visit that are going to be the most challenging to get to are American Samoa and Gates of the Arctic National Parks.

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