Meet Chris Nemeth, Advisory Services director and “M&A doctor”

Crowe Recruiting
| 2/7/2017
Careers blog - Chris Nemeth
Chris Nemeth (Chicago) joined Crowe in 2013 as a director in Advisory Services (AS). Since joining, he has helped to open the door with upper mid-market strategic buyers such as corporate and non-private equity group acquirers. He now leads AS’ business development efforts within the Manufacturing & Distribution industry vertical and works to position the full spectrum of Crowe’s Merger and Acquisition (M&A) services into these companies.

Q: Working in M&A wasn’t your first career choice. What led you down that path?
A: I went to college wanting to be a doctor, which lasted until I took organic chemistry. I discovered I didn't really relish the hardcore scientific aspect. I had a friend whose dad was former CFO of Fidelity. He knew me quite well and told me that I'd enjoy and probably be good at consulting. In the business context, M&A has many of the things that initially drew me to medicine. It’s relatively complex and multi-faceted and pretty fast-paced. Beyond the numbers, synergies and the press releases, there’s also a real cultural and human element to M&A. You are focused on getting people aligned, brought into the plan and all pulling in the same direction.

Q: What are some of the top opportunities where Crowe can be an “M&A doctor,” helping clients considering or going through M&A activity?
A: Crowe provides M&A services across the full breadth of a deal's life cycle. It’s what we call the "M&A Transaction Value Chain.” Our transaction services and valuation consultants help in the early stages of a deal. Our integration group helps clients with both overall integration management as well as with function-specific integration optimization. Through the stages, our M&A team collaborates with subject-matter experts and practices across the firm to deliver the most value to clients involved in M&A.

Q: Is there a book that has changed your perspective on life?
A: “Chasing Daylight” by the late Eugene O’Kelly, former CEO of KPMG. O’Kelly wrote the book in just three months, after his sudden diagnosis with late-stage brain cancer and before his untimely death. I found it to be profoundly inspirational and life-affirming, oddly enough. While you can’t control the amount of time you’ll ultimately have, you can control the quality of it.

Q: What would people be surprised to learn about you?
A: Following college, I was a professional musician playing the violin for a few years. I played with the South Bend Symphony, Chicago Symphony, Philharmonic Orchestra and did some international touring with the Manotovani Orchestra. I also played in many chamber festivals including Chicago, Maine and Vienna.