Meet Brian Markgraf 

Brian benefits from both sides of Crowe's peer liaison program.

Crowe Recruiting
| 11/8/2018
Brian Markgraf

Brian Markgraf (Chicago) joined Crowe in June 2017 as a campus hire from the University of Dayton (Ohio). He found that Crowe’s peer liaison program helped him quickly acclimate to life at Crowe. All new hires are assigned a peer liaison, who is compatible in areas such as work experience and education. Peer liaisons help welcome new hires into the firm, introduce them to office colleagues and serve as helpful, friendly resources. “From day one, I had a valuable resource I could go to in confidence,” said Brian. “My peer liaison, Andrew Gould (Chicago), was close in age, relatable and I felt comfortable going to him with any of my concerns and questions. I still use Andrew as a resource for questions on things like promotions, raises and paid-time off.” A year later, Brian also took on a leadership role through the peer liaison program. “Serving as a guide for Thomas Sloan (Chicago) has given me responsibility to ensure that he feels welcomed at Crowe and can function at his best from day one,” said Brian. “While my work projects may not give me the opportunity for a leadership position yet, becoming a peer liaison has given me the opportunity to refine my leadership skills so when the day comes to take a leadership role, I will be ready.” Brian has experienced how the peer liaison program at Crowe is mutually beneficial, helping individuals feel more at home and helping others gain valuable leadership experience.