Meet Brian Jackson: Audit technology center of excellence leader and African American PRN lead

Crowe Recruiting
| 2/18/2015
Brian Jackson (Oak Brook) joined Crowe as an Audit staff member in 1998 after graduating from Northern Illinois University. Today he’s an assistant director in Information Services. He leads the audit technology center of excellence group, providing direction and thought leadership for activities related to the ongoing support and improvement of technology tools used by audit professionals. He’s also the firmwide lead for the African American People Resource Network (PRN). Open to everyone at the firm, Crowe’s African American, Asian, Gay and Lesbian Allies and Latino PRN groups promote diversity and encourage collaboration.

Q: How do you support the firm’s vision in your role as a PRN lead?
A: As a firmwide lead for the African American PRN, I support the firm’s vision of providing an exceptional people experience by providing a resource for African Americans at Crowe to network and grow. Also, I believe having a diverse culture at Crowe is critical in our ability to be innovative.

Q: How has Crowe’s African American PRN supported your personal development?
A: It’s given me the opportunity to develop my leadership skills and has helped me learn how to set long-term objectives and leverage the talents of a team to achieve goals.

Q: What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?
A: Deciding to pursue another career path instead of the traditional audit career path. After becoming an audit manager, I pursued my passion of leveraging technology to drive efficiency. In high school and college, I enjoyed both accounting and computers but decided to focus on working toward an accounting degree. The passion for technology never left me and I quickly took to the tools used to make audits more efficient.

Q: What talent would you most like to have?
A: The ability to transport myself to any place at any time in the blink of an eye. This could save Crowe lots of travel dollars.

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