Meet Alicia Antonetti-Tricker, Performance Consulting partner and Women Leading @Crowe council member

Crowe Recruiting
| 5/11/2016
Alicia Antonetti-Tricker
Alicia Antonetti-Tricker (Indianapolis) joined Crowe as a campus hire from Indiana University, School of Public and Environmental Affairs in 2001 and today is a Performance Consulting partner. She leads the Midwest Government Consulting Performance Improvement practice focusing on information technology and management consulting to state and local government. Alicia is also a council member for Women Leading @ Crowe ([email protected]), a program that is designed to inspire, grow and connect women across the Firm and enable them to reach their full potential. Alicia serves on the leadership committee for [email protected] Grow, a leadership development program targeted to high-potential senior management women.

Q. How has [email protected] supported your career development?
A. I've been able to connect with female leaders in the firm whom I would have not met otherwise or would not have had the opportunity to interact with if not for [email protected] Many of these women have been mentors and advocates for me throughout my career. Their invaluable guidance and advice helped shape my professional growth. Additionally, [email protected] has allowed me to pursue a passion of mine to help others achieve career aspirations and goals. I've had the opportunity to do this through building the Grow program and also by serving as a mentor to other women in the network.

Q. Why is [email protected] important to Crowe?
A. As a firm, there is an identified need to increase diversity and [email protected] supports this by providing targeted leadership development and connection opportunities for women to grow, connect and support each other in our professional environment.

Q. What's the best reward for a job well done?
A. Watching others succeed.

Q. How do you spend your time outside of Crowe?
A. I spend time with my husband Troy and daughter Exley. We enjoy traveling as a family.

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