Meet Alexis Bannaruk: CAST staff member and GALA PRN committee member.

Crowe Recruiting
| 6/24/2016
Alexis Bannaruk
Alexis Bannaruk (Off-site) joined Crowe as a Risk Consulting campus hire from Florida International University in 2013 and moved into the Centralized Audit Services Team (CAST) in January 2015. CAST handles assurance tasks through a centralized model, thus allowing field auditors to focus on auditing risk areas and spend more time interacting with clients while in the field. Alexis primarily assists the Tax and Audit business units by performing testing or tasks offsite. She’s also a committee member of our Gay and Lesbian Allies (GALA) People Resource Network (PRN). Our PRN groups provide a forum for networking and support in order to promote inclusion and mutualism within the firm. In addtion to GALA, Crowe sponsors an African American, Asian and Latino PRN group.

Q: How has GALA supported your development?
A: As an openly gay woman, I had many concerns about needing to hide who I was and fit into the "norm." Within a few days of starting with Crowe, I reached out to Melinda Haag, GALA lead, who made me feel like an equal and more confident in who I was and my choice of beginning a career with Crowe. The firm is very supportive of our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees and communities. We all bring different ideas and perspectives to the table and despite our differences, we need to support one another.

Q. Besides our PRNs, how has Crowe provided a flexible and supportive work culture?
A. About a year into my role as an internal auditor, I realized how challenging the travel aspect of the role was and how it was affecting my life. I loved working for Crowe and knew I wanted to remain, so I worked with my performance manager to identify a different opportunity that eventually led me to CAST. I'm currently working to begin efforts on expanding CAST services into Risk Consulting. As I have an appreciation for heavy travel schedules due to my days in Risk, I view my role in CAST as a great opportunity to bring work-life balance to our road warriors.

Q: What would people be surprised to learn about you?
A: I am a drummer and graphic design artist.

Q: What is your personal motto?
A: To get results you've never gotten, you must do things you've never done.

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