National Volunteer Week: Let's celebrate service and make a difference in our communities

Crowe Recruiting
| 4/13/2016
national volunteer week

This is National Volunteer Week, focused on inspiring, recognizing and encouraging people to share their time, talents and skills with the community and help make a difference. It’s the perfect time to reflect on your past giving efforts and make a commitment to do more in the year ahead. Crowe made a tremendous impact on our community with more than 32,000 volunteer hours reported in calendar year 2015. In recognition of National Volunteer Week, we’re proud to recognize 41 Crowe and CHAN Healthcare individuals with the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) for having the most volunteer hours at the firm in calendar year 2015. The PVSA, which encourages citizens to live a life of service, recognizes individuals who have documented more than 100 hours of community services hours in a 12-month time frame. This award includes a personalized certificate, medallion and congratulatory letter from the President of the United States. Congratulations to this year’s award winners:

  • Alicia Antonetti-Tricker (Indianapolis)
  • Dave Augustiniak (CHAN)
  • Marshall Bennett (Tampa)
  • Courtney Bennett (South Bend)
  • Lindsay Bennett (CHAN)
  • Noah Black (Sacramento)
  • Tara Brewer (CHAN)
  • Cindy Cherry (CHAN)
  • Donna Christensen (CHAN)
  • Sarah Cole (St. Louis)
  • Kim Cusson (CHAN)
  • Joe Davenport (AT/STL)
  • Linda Deaton (South Bend)
  • Terry Dent (CHAN)
  • Amy Dermody (South Bend)
  • Sandra Dodd-Novinger (CHAN)
  • Gwynn Douglas (CHAN)
  • John Farrell (South Bend)
  • Kelli Foley (South Bend)
  • Steve Gerschoffer (Chicago)
  • Micah Goedelman (St. Louis)
  • Rhonda Huismann (Grand Rapids)
  • Mike Javorsky (CHAN)
  • Sharon Jones (South Bend)
  • Warren Kashiwagi (Sacramento)
  • Lisa Kreager (Grand Rapids)
  • Michael Lisak (CHAN)
  • Jay Mangel (Los Angeles)
  • Sheri Miller (Oak Brook)
  • Katie Mishler (South Bend)
  • Rich Novotne (CHAN)
  • Steve Pajakowski (Tax/SB)
  • Teresa Roberts (CHAN)
  • Mandi Scheel (CHAN)
  • Sid Sherwood (Elkhart)
  • Julie Silliman (Nashville)
  • Justin Stone (Fort Lauderdale)
  • Tina Treis (Sacramento)
  • Stephen Varner (Elkhart)
  • Jason Warner (Fort Wayne)
  • Rebecca Welker (St. Louis)
  • Jon Zeiler (Oak Brook)

For more about how the firm supports community involvement, visit our corporate giving site.