Bringing our brand to life: Joe Bell makes smart decisions that create lasting value

Crowe Recruiting
| 5/5/2017
Joe Bell profile
An Audit staff member, Joe Bell (Orange County) coordinates various aspects of engagements including fieldwork dates, CiRT requests, year-end confirmations and reviews of workpapers. Joe brings our brand to life by consistently demonstrating our key engagement drivers and making it clear that his clients are important to him and to the firm. For his efforts, Joe was chosen as an exceptional client experience (ECx) award winner.

Q: How do you make smart decisions?
A: I always make sure to ask my clients very detailed questions. This ensures that I am getting the full picture so I can keep my clients well-informed as to what needs to be updated or adjusted. That way, there are little or no surprises that pop up last minute and cause unnecessary back and forth.

Q: How do those decisions create lasting value?
A: By asking detailed questions, I’m able to out what’s on clients’ minds and offer insight and ideas that can give them peace of mind. One example that comes to mind was during a recent audit. A client had switched its payroll providers as well as its 401k plan administrators. The client was concerned the switch might cause problems. I gave the client concrete examples of other clients that Crowe audits and what exactly will change. I think that gave the client some peace of mind knowing what is to come and what exactly to look for.