Congratulations to our 2021 Innovation Award winners!

| 6/9/2021
Congratulations to our 2021 Innovation Award winners

Awards celebrate our innovative solutions and the individuals and teams who make them possible.

Crowe’s 2021 Innovation Awards were presented during a virtual awards ceremony Wednesday, June 2 and the winners included:

  • Courageous Leadership Award: Jason Shirrell (Indianapolis) was recognized for his work on Crowe Secure Information Exchange, our firmwide tool for easily and securely sharing documents with our external clients. Jason volunteered to lead a team that in nine months created this solution, which launched last summer and is now used across all external-facing business units.
  • Design Thinking Award: The Crowe Intelligent Document Analyzer (CIDA) for Construction team was recognized, with Rhonda Huisman (Grand Rapids) and Victor Sturgis (Grand Rapids) accepting the award. This contract reading solution for the construction industry leveraged machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Fast Fail Award: Mandi Simpson (Atlanta) and Patrick Vernon (Washington DC) were recognized for taking managed risk with Reference Rate Reform, a tool to help companies address challenges around London Inter-bank Offered Rate (LIBOR). After conducting sessions with clients and potential users in just 60 days, they gained feedback on their concept and initial prototype that helped them pivot to offering thought leadership, resulting in additional advisory services to several clients.
  • First Responder Award: Gayle Woodbury (Off-site) accepted on behalf of the Crowe Pandemic Response App team. The team built and launched this free app solution that helped organizations manage risk and compliance across multiple jurisdictions while simultaneously protecting their workforce during the pandemic. The app was built using the Archer GRC platform.
  • Market Impact Award: Luis Lopez Garay (Chicago) accepted on behalf of the Crowe Lease Accounting Optimizer team, which developed this technology solution to help companies manage their lease accounting processes efficiently while promoting compliance with lease accounting standards. The product was sold and implemented across six continents and last year was licensed by Microsoft Corp.
  • Reuse and Improve Award: Greg Becerra (Indianapolis) accepted for the FS Platform team, which built and launched an entire financial services platform in just six months by re-using existing components previously built by healthcare, Consulting and Tax.
  • Unsung Hero Award: Sean Lochner (Indianapolis) was recognized for his behind-the-scenes leadership of the K-1 Advantage suite, working through an aggressive timeline, coordinating work between Crowe personnel, clients and Thomson Reuters, our third-party reseller. 
  • David A. Jarrett Award: Mark Blosser (Indianapolis), named after Crowe's innovation founding father and recognizing Mark’s ongoing contributions to innovation at Crowe and mentoring others.

Additionally, Ann Zakrowski (Indianapolis) was recognized for her 20 years of working in innovation at Crowe. Ann was hired in 2001 by Dave Jarrett as the first full-time resource dedicated to innovation at Crowe. Her role evolved over the years but recognizing and rewarding the people and teams who drive innovation has been her most rewarding contribution.

See below for a complete list of team members for each team award:

Courageous Leadership – Jason Shirrell

Design Thinking

  • Rhonda Huisman
  • Victor Sturgis
  • Andrea Castle
  • Scott Schmucker
  • Dave Olsen
  • Kristen Sharpe
  • Alison Bauter-Engle
  • Justin Bass
  • Russ Matthys
  • Jon Zeiler

Fast Fail – Mandi Simpson and Patrick Vernon

  • Scott Muyskens
  • Matt Schell
  • Doug Kerwin
  • Vincent Covrig
  • Chad Kellar
  • Rick Childs
  • Ann Zakrowski
  • Ryan Roxbury
  • Jason Kingma
  • Chip McLean

First Responder

  • Gayle Woodbury
  • Jay Fogelson
  • Andrea Dollen
  • Ashley Garove
  • Jess DiLuciano
  • Michael Dickey
  • Tapan Shah
  • Josh Reid
  • Matt Reeves
  • Mark Terpstra
  • Paul Hart
  • Dana Roxbury

Market Impact

  • Luis Lopez-Garay
  • Renaldo Misrasi
  • Anjali Yadav
  • Monisha Gupta
  • Anshul Jain
  • Chinmay Mishra
  • Neha Gupta
  • Thomas Sloan
  • Brian Markgraf
  • Dhananjay Singh
  • Rohit Tandon

Reuse and Improve

  • Jeremy Cox
  • Andy McCreight
  • Onur Karabulut
  • Greg Becerra
  • Jake Grzegorski
  • Tony Grinslade
  • Sarah Barefoot
  • Ankur Kumar
  • Manish Chopra
  • Susmitha Challa
  • Anuj Shukla
  • Mohammad Nasar
  • Nikhil Fafat
  • Kunal Desai
  • Jitendra Rana
  • Kurt Schweitzer
  • Jordan Moscoe

Unsung Hero – Sean Lochner

David A. Jarrett Award – Mark Blosser

Special Recognition – Ann Zakrowski