How does Crowe support its working parents? Read more to find out.

Crowe Recruiting
| 3/1/2017
Working Parents Collage - news release image

Crowe recently ranked #20 on Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Parents list, recognizing the policies and programs we proudly provide to help our people balance their work and home lives. What are we doing to support our parents? Here’s what a few Crowe parents shared: 

  • “Crowe’s mobility and generous parental leave has significantly improved my family’s quality of life and had a positive impact on my performance due to increased morale. Eliminating a couple of hours of my daily commute gives me the extra time I need to focus on personal development and career goals as well as staying involved in my children’s day-to-day lives.” – Onur Karabulut, Applied Technology senior staff in Grand Rapids.

  • “After my first daughter was born, I leveraged Crowe’s technology to complete work at home earlier in the morning and later at night to accommodate my daughter’s daycare schedule. Upon the birth of my second daughter, Crowe’s parental leave policy allowed me to take time off and help my wife through the transition from one child to two.” – Aaron Foster, Tax manager in South Bend

  • “I am grateful for Crowe and the support it has given me as a new mom. I cherished the time I had with my son during parental leave and actually received a promotion while I was on leave.” – Ashley Novack, People Services manager in Oak Brook. 

  • “Having three children at home under five is challenging and I am very appreciative to Crowe’s support of work/life balance for parents. I was able to split my parental leave up in two-week increments to support my wife then provide more support when our older children transitioned to preschool and kindergarten.” – Bill Patterson, Audit senior manager in Denver.

  • “Our managers are very understanding when family life interrupts a typical work day and I’ve found flexibility and freedom to get online at alternate hours to keep my projects moving along. It is truly a blessing to have the technology and flexibility to accomplish a sense of balance and feel both my home and work life are thriving.” – Tiffany Bowen, Audit manager in St. Louis.

Crowe’s parental leave provides up to 6 weeks of 100 percent paid time off for parents (for both the birth and non-birth parent) following the birth, adoption or act of custody of a child. Additionally, our mobility policy allows our people to work wherever they can be most productive and meet their clients’ needs – whether that’s a Crowe office, at a client site or remote. Visit our Careers site to learn how you can begin a rewarding career from day one.