Greetings from Down Under!

Through our Crowe Global exchange program, Crowe individuals gain new experiences working in Australia.

Crowe Recruiting
| 11/19/2018
2018 Australia Exchange

Over the last four months, nine Crowe individuals have been working Down Under, learning about audit practices in Australia through their participation in the Crowe Global exchange program. Crowe Global is one of the largest global accounting networks in the world, consisting of more than 200 independent accounting and advisory services firms in more than 130 countries around the world. Crowe Global staff exchanges, also known as secondments, help foster relationships and enhance cross-border working methods among member firms. They also provide valuable learning experiences and exposure to new cultures for professionals who participate. In addition to the opportunity to travel half-way around the world and explore a new culture, they’ve gained valuable experiences and skills to bring back to their work at Crowe. 

  • Kelsey Bair (Columbus) returned to the U.S. last month, after spending three months working at Crowe Melbourne. “When I arrived, it was busy season and I was expected to jump right in,” Kelsey shared. “I had to learn the auditing standards in the construction and not-for-profit industries and start working with clients I wasn’t familiar with. It was a fun challenge as I had to learn to adapt quickly -- a valuable skill to have in the auditing profession.
  • Matt Milligan (Chicago) also worked at Crowe Melbourne, and a highlight for him was gaining an appreciation for other cultures. “I worked with a diverse group of individuals from all over the world,” Matt shared. “That experience has broadened my appreciation of the other experiences and backgrounds we all bring to work.”