From Kindergarteners to Croweworkers

After 52 years, classmates reconnect at Crowe.

Crowe Recruiting
| 12/18/2019
Kindergarteners to Croweworkers

What are the odds that two kindergarteners from Portsmouth, Ohio (population of only 20,000), would end up working for the same firm 52 years later? For Craig Sullivan (South Bend) and Jennifer Withrow (Lexington), the odds proved in their favor. “We attended school together from 1967 to 1980,” explained Jennifer, who joined Crowe this August as part of the Global Services team. “It was a very small school system – our high school class had just 57 members. Over the years, we would run into each other at reunions and were both members of our alumni Facebook page but otherwise hadn’t been in touch.”


Just last month, Craig, a partner who joined Crowe 35 years ago as a campus hire from Bowling Green State University, discovered that Jennifer had joined Crowe when she shared a Facebook post about Crowe. When he saw it, he immediately contacted her. “I knew Jennifer had a similar job with another consulting firm and was very surprised to learn that she had joined Crowe,” said Craig. “Knowing her for so long – it’s great to see her at Crowe.” Busy travel and work schedules have not allowed the two to connect in person, yet, but they look forward to sharing their story at next year’s 40-year high school class reunion.