Congratulations to our 2016 partner-principal elects

Crowe Recruiting
| 2/18/2016

Effective April 1, 2016, 22 individuals have been elected new partners-principals at Crowe. This year's group represents one of the largest number of elections welcomed into the Crowe partnership. 

  • Chad Kellar, Advisory Services, (Indianapolis, Ind.) 
  • Chris McClure, Advisory Services, (Chicago, Ill.)
  • Andy Hendricks, Audit, (Orange County, Ca.)
  • Adam Lawrence, Audit, (Indianapolis, Ind.)
  • Andrea Meinardi, Audit, (Columbus, Ohio)
  • Eve Rogers, Audit, (Atlanta, Ga.)
  • Heather Semenuik, Audit, (Oak Brook, Ill.)
  • Steve Wagner, Audit, (Dallas, Tex.)
  • Mike Van Duyn, Audit, (Sacramento, Ca.)
  • Mike Antonetti, Firm Risk Management, (Oak Brook, Ill.)
  • Alicia Antonetti-Tricker, Performance Consulting, (Indianapolis, Ind.)
  • Eric Boggs, Performance Consulting, (Nashville, Tenn.)
  • Jeff Goudie, Performance Consulting, (Grand Rapids, Mich.)
  • Jeff Schmidt, Performance Consulting, (Nashville, Tenn.)
  • Jay Sutton, Performance Consulting, (Indianapolis,Ind.)
  • Michelle Beard, Risk Consulting, (Columbus, Ohio)
  • Wayne Gniewkowski, Risk Consulting, (Columbus, Ohio)
  • Chris Wilkinson, Risk Consulting, (Dallas, Tex.)
  • Steve Driver, Tax, (Columbus, Ohio)
  • Shelby Ford, Tax, (Knoxville, Tenn.)
  • Marc Wilson, Tax, (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.)
  • Jim Parker, Tax, (Atlanta, Ga.) (external candidate – effective 12/1/15)

For more, check out the recent news release.