Crowe personnel are helping increase civic engagement and voter participation.

Election Day is a firm-paid holiday so all U.S. Crowe personnel have the opportunity to vote.

Crowe Recruiting
| 10/31/2020
Election 2020 Volunteers
Tuesday, November 3 is Election Day – and it's a firm-paid holiday so that all Crowe personnel in the U.S. have the opportunity to vote and support their candidates of choice. Several Crowe individuals are using the day off to volunteer, doing their part to help ensure others have an opportunity to vote as well. Here are a few examples:
  • Mai Nguyen (Dallas) is driving people to the polls during early voting in Texas as well as on Election Day. "Every election is important, and I really wanted to help increase voter access," said Mai. Through a local organization, voters can request a free round-trip ride through an app on their phones – much like an Uber ride. She is also serving as a driver lead, passing out personal protective equipment to other drivers and serving as a resource for any questions they might have. "Voter turnout in Texas has been one of the lowest in the country," said Mai. "I am happy I can play a part in helping get more people to the voting booths."
  • ZeNai Brooks (Indianapolis) is volunteering at polling locations in Indianapolis. "Younger people and people of color historically have the lowest voter turnout, especially in Indiana. We are also under-represented as poll workers," explained ZeNai. "My hope is that by volunteering, and by hosting information sessions, I can set a good example for others to be engaged in this process. Voting is one way we can impact change in our communities and it's important to educate people on how their vote, or lack thereof, affects decisions."
  • Desmond Lloyd (Off-site) is providing water and snacks to those who are in line to vote in Louisiana and holding individuals' places in line should they need to take a quick break. He shared that he felt the election process is too important for people not to participate and cast their vote, stating, "Anything I can do to help make it easier for those waiting I plan to do."
  • Daniela Arias (San Francisco) will be working the polls on Election Day, opening and closing the polling site, assisting with check-in, confirming voter eligibility, answering questions, providing instructions on how to use the voting machines and handing out "I Voted" stickers. For Daniela, who became a U.S. citizen six years ago, serving her community in this way is a privilege. "I have the ability to take a day off of work without losing any of my wages – something that's not available to most," said Daniela. "So, I decided I should try and make Election Day go as smoothly as possible for those taking unpaid time to vote. I also wanted to lead by example and demonstrate that being civically engaged is not just a choice but a duty and honor."