Meet David Rosone

David responds to the call of duty by setting up COVID-19 test sites.

Crowe Recruiting
| 4/23/2020
David Rosone
In addition to working as a financial services risk consultant at Crowe, David Rosone is also a National Guard Commanding Officer serving with the 508th MP Company, a National Guard unit out of Teaneck, N.J. In March, David was called up to help state efforts to combat the coronavirus by serving as the officer in charge for a COVID-19 public drive-through testing site in Bergen County, N.J. “I am working with local leaders from the New Jersey Department of Health, the Office of Environmental Management and Federal Emergency Management Agency to test about 500 individuals a day,” said David. “I oversee a team of medics doing the testing, a transportation company moving the supplies and a company of military police officers who are providing security, operations support and traffic control.” David explained more in this video from the New Jersey National Guard.

“It makes me proud to help people in such an uncertain time. It has given my MP company a sense of purpose and allowed us to put our training to use to help the U.S.,” said David. Crowe supports David and others who have ongoing reservist obligations or are deployed for active duty through our military leave policy. “I’ve been overwhelmed by the support Crowe has provided me during this time,” shared David. “It makes me proud to work for a company that genuinely supports the military and giving back to the community.”